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Our congregation supports two local organizations the Lanark County Food Bank and The Divine Mercy Centre located in Lanark, Ontario.

Every Sunday is food-bank Sunday!
We collect donations of food items or money to pass along to the food bank every week. For more information on the Lanark County Food Bank please check out:
Lanark County Food Bank

Divine Mercy Centre
As a congregation we also support the Divine Mercy Centre. This is centre is located in Lanark, Ontario.
You can find more information about this organization please check out: Divine Mercy Centre

The centre lists their objectives as follows:
to be Christ-like,
to demonstrate love and compassion for those in need,
to feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty,
to provide good used clothing for the poor,
to visit and comfort the sick or imprisoned,
to instruct the uninformed and
to promulgate the message of God's mercy.

Doubts or Questions about Jesus?
Explore them in groups defined by honesty, acceptance and fun Dinner, video and discussion.  All questions are welcomed. This is a place to feel the freedom to explore and discover your faith. New Classes starting in the Fall. Find out more


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